HIONE Machinery Co.,ltd. Help Chile Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional Tracing Cutting Machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for Tracing Cutting Machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Max.Foil Stamping Size. 1020*710mm. Max.Die-cutting Speed.Industrial oil. Iscanex. Automatic book case making machine.Machine Model.Options for Model 106T: Stripping unit and Two directional foil stamping.

One is to transfer hologram onto blister foil by hot stamping foil process.Then we can trasnfer hologram onto foil with below rotary hot stamping machine.Embossing and Foil Stamping. A heated shaped die adheres the foil onto the surface of the paper.Foil Stamping: The printed sheet is fed into the foil stamping machine where the foil is adhered to the paper.