HIONE Machinery Co.,ltd. Help Niger Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional cutting machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for cutting machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Hot foil stamping machine. STM-500-F. - Suitable for printing flat articles.Nickel / Hard chrome plated machine parts. STM-500-R/DW STM-500-I.We designed 1050FF Automatic Holographic Positioning Foil Stamping Die Cutting Machine

The cutting machine FSA 1060 Foil Commander is used in the print finishing of folded boxes, for example in the Food area (chocolate, confectionery) or theOnce the die has been produced, it is placed on the heated print-head of the hot foil stamping machine and brought up to temperature.Upgrades. Connectivity cloud. Machine displacement.This line can work stamping foil to register with the highest precision.